Help with arthritic pain

Research shows that manual therapy such as osteopathy can help to relieve pain, increase flexibility and improve quality of life for people with arthritic pain or osteoarthritis

Arthritic pain is a leading cause of pain and discomfort in adults all across the world. Osteoarthritis is commonly found with people over the age of 45. But in some cases, it can also affect younger people.

Arthritis in the knees and hips are most common. Also spines, hands, wrists, feet and ankles are also often affected.

As osteopaths we use a range of massage techniques that can help a patient suffer less pain. All treatments differ for every person. So, a full assessment will be carried out before any treatment will commence. In some cases we will refer you to your doctor for scans, X-rays or other tests.

Each treatment is tailored to the individual, gently moving and stretching an arthritic joint and massaging surrounding muscles and tissues to help ease some of the discomfort.

We can also advise on flexibility exercises to strengthen certain areas of the body that can help support or reduce pressure on the arthritic joint.

To carry out an initial assessment of your arthritic pain, please get in touch to book an appointment today.

help with arthritic pain
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Frequently asked questions

Osteopathic treatment can help alleviate arthritic pains. If you have a question please get in touch.

By improving the muscle function with gently applied treatments and gentle stretching. This will help to maintain the patient’s tissue elasticity, with the aim of giving them as much mobility within the joint as we possibly can, as well as improving their circulation.  This will also have an effect on their immune function.  All of the above will help in reducing the joint stiffness.

After taking a full case history we able to discuss and consider if there are any underlying medical reasons for chronic pain, or whether there is just poor postural habit.  Quite often the pain can induce a protective stance or habitual way of moving, which then creates further pain elsewhere.  Through treatment, exercises and possibly some changes in lifestyle, chronic pain can be reduced and managed far more efficiently.

We aim to keep patient appointments to a minimum.

Within a relatively short period of time, we are able get a good idea of whether our treatment is being of benefit and worth persevering with, or whether further referral is necessary.  We will always discuss this with you and keep you informed.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or assault on the tissue.  This doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical injury, it can be anything from a rheumatic disorder, causing a chemical assault or hormonal imbalance which can cause excessive inflammation.  Stress in the form of flight / fight or petrify can add to that tissue reactivity.

With osteopathy we can reduce the muscular contraction and improve lymph flow. This can reduce the effects of the inflammatory process and in many cases allows the body to heal and reset itself.

An Osteopath will release tension in the muscles in and around the affected joint. It can improve the range of movement and encourage better joint health. This will assist in reducing pain and inflammation as well as increasing flexibility.

What our patients say

Here are some of the responses we have received from our happy patients.

Tom Bentley

“Good practise with extremely knowledgeable staff. They were able to sort out and alleviating an ongoing back problem.”

Sherry McCulloch

“Would recommend highly, first time I went was 25 years go, very welcoming, understanding and professional.”

John Harvey

“Excellent local practitioner.”

Our Therapists

A unique group of fully qualified and experienced practitioners combining their skills to optimise your health.

Peter Pukacz


Peter joined the family practice in 1984 and qualified as an Osteopath in 1993. Since then he Peter has furthered his education by attending Post Graduate Training Courses at the Oxford College of Osteopathy.

Samuel Morris

BSc Hons (Ost), MSc

Sam uses a combination of manual osteopathic approaches tailored to suit the each individual patient. He takes an interest in posture and movement patterns and how they influence muscle and joint pain.

Steven D. Baines

B.Ost.(Hons), Dip.Sports Injuries

Steven is a very experienced Osteopath, who commenced is his osteopathic education in New Zealand, before later transferring to the British School of Osteopathy in London to complete his degree.

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