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Attending during Covid-19

Screening and Consent form

Please read the following and consider you answers 24 hours or less before your appointment, you will be asked these same questions again prior to treatment.

Please answer the questions honestly and help keep us and other patients safe.

If you have answer yes to any of the 6 questions below it is probably unsafe to have a face to face appointment.
  1. Have you had contact with or cared for anyone with known or suspected COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
  2. Do you have or feel to be starting with any cold or flu-like symptoms including a new persistent cough, a high temperature, a loss of, or change in smell and taste?
  3. Are you or anyone in your household extremely vulnerable or socially shielding?
  4. Are you in the high risk group?
    Do you have heart or lung disease?
    Are you receiving cancer treatment or have you completed cancer treatment in the last 6 month?
    Do you take medicine or high dose steroids to supress your immune system?
    Are you pregnant?
    Have you had an organ transplant?
  5. Do you have any serious health conditions?
  6. Have you recently had a COVID-19 test and are awaiting results?
Consent to treatment

Are you aware that whilst we are taking measures to reduce viral transmission, we are unable to guarantee that you will not contract the virus in the clinic or indeed on the journey and that you are still happy to be treated despite potential risks?

Will someone be coming with you? If they are they need to answer the same questions. To reduce risk to our receptionists they will be asked not accompany you into the reception area.

We are trying to help the majority of patients by offering Telehealth Consultations and at this time only doing face to face treatments for patients considered to have an urgent need.

If you arrive by car please remain in your car and ring the reception and await instructions. We will either ring you or come to meet you when we have performed our cleaning regime and the treatment room is ready.

If you are arriving by bus or taxi we would still ask that you wait outside and contact reception to await instruction.

After your Treatment

If you develop symptoms within 3 days of attending for treatment please contact the clinic immediately so that everyone who came into direct contact with you can self-isolate. In this situation all the patients seen after you will also be contacted.

Our thanks for your co-operation in these unprecedented times.

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