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During this current COVID-19 pandemic at The Pukacz Practice Osteopathic Clinic we are still all committed to providing the best in therapeutic care our aim continues to be getting our patients to reach their full health potential.

Dear Patients,
As you may be aware Osteopaths are not prevented from offering treatment under the current Government guidelines regarding COVID-19.

The Institute of Osteopathy has now advised that in England, osteopathic treatment can be offered in certain circumstances were the patient is considered to have an urgent need that cannot be resolved though remote support such as “Telehealth” telephone consultation, advice and exercise prescription. For treatment to be considered necessary the benefit to you must be considered greater than the risk of infection.

As Osteopaths Steven, Sam and I we would like to offer our patients face to face consultations and treatment where appropriate.  We will therefore be taking a number of measures to ensure we provide the highest level of safety possible for our patients.  This will involve the using of face masks and single use plastic aprons. The Clinic’s treatment rooms will be ventilated, decluttered and an increased cleaning regime used on all contact surfaces between patients.

We are in this together, as an Extended Family of the Pukacz Practice Patients and Staff we need to co-operate and pull together. Therefore, could we ask you to please look at this pre-screen questionnaire prior to your visit to the Practice.

This way we can have patients coming onto the premises without endangering each other and spreading the virus in line with Government guidance.
If you are you are struggling to keep positive we may suggest you look at Mind or NHS web sites.
or Carol (has her consultation room on the first floor of the practice) is still offering mindfulness sessions over the phone at reduced rates. You can contact her directly from her web page: http://hypnotherapyandmindfulnesssolutions.co.uk/

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